Why work for Jumbo?

In todays world of fast moving everything, the highest priorities on young minds is their careers. However, due to the rat race, most youngsters end up getting in wherever they can squeeze in. Mundane monotonous jobs squeeze the lives out of them, and before they know it, they’re stuck with their jobs, because the particular specialization that they’ve developed is not currently trending in the market, or has lost the sheen that it once had. At Jumbo Finvest (India) Ltd, - "We don’t offer jobs, we build careers.” Having a new entrant is like welcoming a new family member here. We strive to expose our personnel to a plethora of different challenges, so as to build up a diverse and dynamic skill set, which enables him to confidently overcome diversity.

Employees’ views are constantly sought through surveys, which reflect in our management’s decisions. We realize that our most prized assets are the people working with us. Our expert team of professionals make it a point to ensure implementation of ‘Kaizen’ as far as manpower is concerned. Here, it is not uncommon to walk into one of our offices, and be greeted by a 25 year old Branch Manager. The vitality and vigor that youth provides is tactfully directed by our structured hierarchy to ensure optimum business performance and a healthy environment. We don’t set caps on anyone’s potential because we believe there are none. There is no limit to what an individual can achieve with the right guidance, and that we ensure is in abundance here.

Work with us to enter a home when you leave yours in the morning. It’ll definitely be the most rewarding decision of your life!

Write to us  career@jumbofin.com