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For us at Jumbo Finvest, helping the under privileged runs in tandem with our DNA. Carrying out pro-bono activities to catalyze development in rural areas and providing a sustainable livelihood to people living in these areas has been a mandatory norm for our organization before CSR even found its place in the corporate world. We endeavor to conduct our business responsibly, mindful of our social responsibility and with high regard to human dignity.

Ever since our chairman, Mr. Ajay Singh started his business back in 1983, providing employment to the people based in rural areas has been his prime forte. As a wise man once said, “ Give a man a fish, he will eat it and be hungry the next day; Instead teach him how to fish and he will be able to feed himself and his family for a lifetime.” This philosophy has been deeply embedded in our work culture for over three decades now. Over the years, thousands of people have enriched their livelihoods through the employment opportunities provided by Ajay Group.

Most of our projects are carried out under the aegis of ‘Veena Memorial SSEEWA (Society for Social, Educational & Economic Welfare Activities) Society’, which is an NGO run by our organization and is based in a small town called Karauli located in the eastern province of Rajasthan.

As of today, VMSS comprises of a senior secondary CBSE school and thirteen colleges working with a single motive of imparting world-class education to the rural classes at minimal cost. Ajay Group, which is a parent body to JFIL, has carried out various projects for the betterment of livelihood of people. Some of these projects have been mentioned below:

Our Focus Areas

Infrastructure development

Community centres

Schools in villages

Homes for the homeless

Irrigation and water storage structures



Formal and non-formal education

Scholarships for girls, merit scholarships and technical education for boys

Girl child education

Digital literacy/computer education

Social causes

Widow re-marriage/dowry-less mass marriages

Social security (insurance)

Culture and sports

Women empowerment

Environmental awareness

Sustainable livelihood

Self-help groups (microfinance for women and farmers)

Integrated agriculture development

Integrated livestock development

Watershed management

Microenterprise development

Skill development/vocational training

Health care and family welfare

Pulse polio programme

Mobile clinics - doctor's visits

General and multi-speciality medical camps

Reproductive and child healthcare, supplementary nutrition/mid-day meal projects

Safe drinking water, sanitation - household toilets

HIV/AIDS, Cancer, TB awareness and prevention camps

Blood donation

Responsible parenting